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MK3 Fuel Pump Hanger!


Attention MK3 Enthusiasts! 🏎️


We've heard you, been you, and now we're delivering for you.


The Struggles:

  •  Grinding your tank just to make a dual pump fit.
  •  Cutting your hands wrestling those aftermarket pumps into the tank.
  •  Being forced to weld on the stock hanger just to adapt to AN fittings.


The Solution:

Introducing our MK3 fuel pump hanger, tailored just for you! As proud MK3 owners, we've crafted this masterpiece with precision, passion, and expertise.


Why It's The Best:

  •  Superior Build: Crafted entirely from 6061 Billet Aluminum.
  •  In-House Expertise: Engineered, manufactured, and assembled right under our watchful eyes. With one of fastest 7M MK3's in the world, we KNOW these cars. 
  •  No Leaks: Rigorously tested for a precision fit and zero leakage.
  •  User-Friendly: Swivel AN fittings for easy plumbing and hassle-free installations.
  •  Versatility: Supports all popular pump choices and comes with an optional pump adapter to make your life easier.
  •  Smooth Installations: Say goodbye to top hats! The removable hanger rod makes the installation process as easy as pie.
  •  Robust Power Terminals: Solid brass terminals ensure zero worries about melted wiring. Ready for many pump configurations. (3 power poles, and 1 common ground) 
  • Dual Pump: Dual pump installation is now simple, and guess what? No modification to the fuel tank is needed!


And stay tuned - a comprehensive installation video is on its way!


Watch our YouTube video of cutting the top hat on our in-house CNC mill! 


Watch the top hat being manufatured!


🛍️ Shop now on our website and elevate your MK3 experience!


Ships in 5 - 10 buisness days! 


****Wiring pigtails and fuel pump not Included****



MK3 (1987-1992) Toyota Supra Fuel Pump Hanger

    • Injector Dynamics - The BPC100 mated to the TI Automotive E5LM brushless pump represents a new approach to fueling high power racing engines – providing enough fuel for 2000+ hp on ethanol at pressures as high as 150 psi from a single pump.
    • Walbro Brushless BK1001 - Up to 1000hp 
    • Dual Walbros (450, 525, 535) - Up to 1000hp depending on the application 
    • Single Walbro (450,525,535) - Up to 600hp depending on application.  
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