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The Hammer Engineering MK3 Supra under trays are cut out of 6061 aluminum on our in-house table mill. These trays not only serve as a means of keeping road debris and grime out of the engine bay, but they also play a vital role in the aerodynamics and cooling of the car by keeping air flowing in the proper direction. This entirely replaces the factory plastic trays and includes the optional "winglets" or side panels behind the fog lights. 

Are you trying to run your big power MK3 in the half-mile and are concerned about the aero performance of your car? These are securely mounted to the subframe and core support of the vehicle and are very stout.

Are you trying to keep your polished engine bay looking clean when you pull up to a meet and pop the hood? This prevents your radiator fan from kicking up dirt and making your bay look dusty. 



  • Easily access your factory tow hooks by pulling the rubber plugs. 
  • CNC cut for beatuful edges and Laser etched Hammer Engineering logo (Pics coming soon) 
  • Clears most aftermarket accessories and intercoolers 
    • The shop car has a 1500hp capable intercooler, a HUGE oil cooler, and the tray clears. 
    • If your intercooler or piping drops futher then the factory tow hooks, some trimming or spacers may be required. 
  • Its made from .080 6061 Aluminum, and is thicker than most aftermarket trays and offers substantial protection from road debris. 
  • You can install or remove the winglets separate from the main tray. 
  • No modifications are needed for factory vehicles 
    • Trimming may be required for external wastegate dumps that dump near the front axle. 
  • All hardware included with decrotive black aluminum washers 



  • 86.5 - 88 or 89 -92: There are small variation in the winglets between the two bumper styles. If you have a 87 with a 89 plus bumper, order for 89+ 
  • Powder coat - light texture black that looks OEM and gives a very nice look. This can add a few days to the order depending on our poweder coater turn-around time.  
  • Raw - No finishing or sanding done to the trays. ****There may be surface scratching****


Notice - Please allow 5-10 days for processing. 


* For offroad use only 

Hammer Undertray - Mk3 Supra

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