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Introducing the Hammer Engineering MK4 Supra Under Trays – precision-crafted from 6061 aluminum through our in-house table mill. These meticulously designed trays are more than just protection; they're a statement of performance and style.


Function meets form as these under trays serve a dual purpose. While they shield your engine bay from road debris and grime, they also play a pivotal role in optimizing aerodynamics and cooling. By guiding airflow in the right direction, they keep your Supra running at peak efficiency.


Gone are the days of factory plastic trays. Our design comes complete with sleek "winglets" or side panels, seamlessly filling in the bumper corners. Arrive at meets with confidence, as these trays prevent dirt from being kicked up by the radiator fan, ensuring your polished engine bay remains pristine.


Features at a glance:

-Precision CNC cut with exposed cut-outs for factory tow hooks.

-Thoughtfully crafted for easy installation of large front mount intercoolers, with CNC-cut edges that exude elegance and feature our distinct Hammer Engineering logo.

-Crafted from robust .063 6061 Aluminum for enhanced durability and protection against road debris.

-Designed to work with both factory and aftermarket front lips.

-Winglets that can be installed or removed separately from the main tray.

-No modifications are necessary for factory vehicles, making installation a breeze.

-Compatibility with most setups, although some trimming may be required for external wastegate dumps near the front axle.

-Complete hardware package, including decorative washers, for an elegant look.



-Opt for our Powder Coat finish in light texture black, blending seamlessly with OEM aesthetics and offering an elegant touch.

-Alternatively, choose the Raw option, showcasing the authentic aluminum appearance, though there may be slight surface scratching.

-Please note that due to our commitment to precision, processing might take 5-10 days.

For offroad use only

Elevate your MK4 Supra's performance and style – it's time to experience the difference with Hammer Engineering.

Hammer Undertray - MKIV (92-98) Supra

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